have a look with our collection :)

all these price are not include postage.

post : rm 4
post laju : rm 6

*student stay in campus UiTM JENGKA are free postage.

email us at clothzsetie@gmail.com for more information

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

other sales

addition sales : home made chocolate~

1 packet : 3 piece of chocolate.
rm 1.50

have full oreo biscuit inside. feel full when eat.
rm 2 each.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

more bundle ;)

Here, I want to post some of blog that also sells bundle product. 

1.  http://parttimebundle.blogspot.com/

  •     This blog sells bundle branded cloth from overseas and bags which still in good condition. This blog focus more on men product. 

2.   http://6teas.blogspot.com/

  • This blog sells vintage product and it's suitable for women. This blog sells handbags, shoes, cloth and accessories. So for the girls who are like vintage style you will be excited when serve this blog. 

3. http://yatiebundle.blogspot.com/

  •  This blog sells vintage sportswear. So for the sporty people you maybe like to serve this blog. The products are 100% bundle and the price can be negotiate.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bundle ! Bundle ! Click On It :)

Nowadays, many people has a business in a blog. Here I want to post you a few bundle blog that is quite similar like us by click the link below :

1. http://bundleaddict.blogspot.com/

  • This blog only focusing to the people who is addict to bundle style. This bundle also sell a branded cloth. So you will have a great style with a branded clothes at lower prices. Women and man is available.


  • Welcome to Channel 21. In this blog, they are offering the latest ladies, mans and couple fashions clothing at very reasonable prices. This blog provide QUALITY & REASONABLE price product. To the customer, Every Saturday they will cut off for pre-order items. Customer can receive items within 1-2 weeks after closing date. You can contact them through the FACEBOOK.

  • This blog also sell a branded thing like Adidas, Canterbury, Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein, Espirit, Everlast and many others. Their clothes is still in good condition A+++++ and TIP TOP. You also can join them at Facebook : KnBz BunDle. Just click *Available at LABELS section to view their available items.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

new items ! check it out yaw !!

colour : blue
code : B1
price : RM 23

colour : white + cotton
code : B2
price : RM 23

colour : white + floral 
code : B3
price : 20

colour : peach 
code : B4
price : RM 8

colour : white
code : B5
price : RM 8

Hello im Tengku Fatin Najwa ;p
I love to share with all of you 5 of my characters.

For me, friend is a person who always be with us.
They are the one who can replace family to help us when we facing the time of hardship and when happy.
We can share problems and ask some advice or opinion.
Friend is someone who will complete our lives.

I love MGT 300 because in this subject i can learn so much things about IT and technology.
In this subject also, I cam improve my skills in technology .
Maybe MGT 300 can make me one of the successfull online businesses. 
Thank You ;)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

same but not same.

I want to post about blog that sell bundle cloth and accessories like us. You can click the link given for more information about other blog.

first blog :

  • http://aziemart-wholesaler.blogspot.com/ . This blog sell a lot of bundle cloth. This blog sell bundle cloth as wholesale. So, you cannot buy only one pieces cloth. It have a lot of choice for women and man.

second blog :
  • http://negobundle.blogspot.com/ . This blog only sell a bundle handbag. But the unique in this blog is, this handbag sell only the branded handbag only. Such as Bonia, Coach, Dkny and many more.

Third blog :